Sand Castles Studio

We are David, Victor and Guillem, a group of indie developers of three friends who decided to make video games together. Although Sand Castles Studio was created on a rainy afternoon in November 2019, the three of us are a group of lifelong friends who grew up in Barcelona.

The three of us have always liked the world of video games, and even though we have studied different careers, we have always been very close to the sector. In addition, by chance in life we have ended up being a perfect combination to develop video games: a programmer, an artist and a designer. We have played video games together for as long as we can remember, that’s why we love multiplayer games, cooperative games, party games, fighting games like Smash, we also like challenges, puzzles and we have an unconditional love for speedruns. Although the three members had already worked on the odd video game, «Bread and Fred» is the first game that we make together as Sand Castles Studio and we are really happy to collaborate as a group and make a project that we can move forward.

Guillem Romero

Level Designer

Game designer with basic programming skills and crazy ideas. Puzzle and train games enjoyer.

Favorite games: Mini Metro, Professor Layton saga

David Lozano


Video game programmer and animator. Pixel art lover and with a passion for video games since youth

Favorite games: Jak and Daxter, Celeste, Minecraft

Victor Valiente

Artist / Designer

A graphic and motion designer with a passionate love for the visual & concept parts of a game.

Favorite games: Metal Slug, Mirror’s Edge


When does Bread & Fred come out?

It’s hard to tell cause in a development of a game there are lots of incidentals and we are doing this as a hobby, but we are working to try to put it out in early 2022

I must play it co-op?

The game is heavily designed to play it cooperative, it’s the core gameplay, coordinating with your partner and trying not to kill each other in the process. If you are skilled enough, you could play solo controlling both penguins at the same time, but it’s not recommended.

On which platforms will be available?

It will be available on Steam, in fact we already have the Steam page. We also consider that the game fits well in a Nintendo Switch, and we will work hard to release it there too.

How hard is it?

That’s what she said. Okay really, mathematically, if you have the 100% of the difficulty of a game played by one person and Bread and Fred is for two players, this actually means that each of you have 50% of the difficulty so it should be half hard compared to the rest.

Can I try the game?

Yes, in the Steam Page you have a Demo available to grab a friend and try the game out! We would love to see feedback from the players so don’t hesitate on contacting us to tell us anything about it.

Why penguins?

We’re glad you ask, and we’re going to answer with a question: Who in their right mind wouldn’t play a penguin game? They are the clumsiest creatures in the world and they fit perfectly in the theme, which is to climb a snowy mountain.

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